Video Game Projects

Shadowscrapers - ANIMATOR

In a world where shadows are as solid as the buildings around them. You must traverse the rooftops of a grand city to uncover its secrets. 

An isometric puzzle game developed in Unity.

Published for iOS and Android. May 2017


Zoom Zoom Newton! - ANIMATOR / RIGGER

You are Newton! A space-clad kitty scampering through space to defeat the evil Octovac! 

A pinball style game where you use gravity wells to alter Newton's trajectory through space.

Developed for Android.


Adventure Division HQ (ADHQ) - DESIGNER

A virtual reality game developed for Android using Google Cardboard, ADHQ is designed to help young adults with combating ADHD symptoms.

Winner in the Games4Health category at HacktheU 2016. 

Frack'n Gnomes! -- Various

Fracking has increased in Ohio over the years and it is affecting the lesser known gnome population underneath the earth's surface. 

 A vertical platformer where you delve deeper into the pitch-black earth using sonic waves to see. Try and escape the massive fracking drill bearing down on you from above.

Completed during Global Game Jam 2017. I did the level design, pixel art, and menu screens.

Developed in Unity.